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Welcome to the Greater Lafayette Marketing Coalition website.


our goal

We are capturing and defining a clear and distinctive identity for the Greater Lafayette region.

Main Street on a sunny day in spring

What success looks like

two men Biking on the WL Spring Trail

An increase in the talent pool by retaining and attracting a citizen workforce

People at the Round the Fountain event downtown

A spur in economic growth by attracting business investments and elevating quality of life

Smiling kids at Prophetstown State Park

Increased positive perceptions of the Greater Lafayette Region


Process & Progress


Our Approach

Here is a timeline of the project and progress to-date. Our goal is to keep you updated, every step of the way.


Phase 1: Discovery

  • Deep dive into all available research findings and insights, as well as an audit of current economic development plans and communications materials

  • Qualitative analysis, including discussion groups and interviews of key stakeholders, such as area corporations, businesses, K-12 schools and higher education, community and nonprofit organizations, and government organizations

  • Quantitative research, including a comprehensive report of surveys and questionnaires from key audiences

Phase 2: Strategy

  • Translate discovery findings to identify key audiences, and prioritize key messaging for this project

  • Create a clear and concise brand strategy that answers what the Greater Lafayette region stands for

  • Develop a marketing and media strategy, finding the right mix of channels and tactics

Phase 3: Creative

  • Design a series of concepts to tell the Greater Lafayette story, with an overarching big idea and a differentiating creative approach

  • Refine the creative concepts, testing and socializing
    with key constituents

  • Select a single campaign creative platform and public-facing name

  • Create a digital campaign communications guidelines document and hold trainings for communicators, so that they can effectively share and manage the campaign


Greater Lafayette Research Report

In an effort to gain as much insight about Greater Lafayette as possible, our team surveyed more than 1,500 individual community members, including business leaders, hiring managers, visitors, Purdue University affiliates, and city employees. Not only did these survey responses inform our creative work, they also provided new insights on how the Greater Lafayette Marketing Coalition can continue to best represent our area through powerful storytelling, collaborative partnerships, and community pride.

Download or view the Research Report

Greater Lafayette Messaging Strategy


This strategy is a set of internal frameworks and tools that can be used as a resource for those who communicate on the region's behalf. Think about the brand as a house: the messaging strategy is the set of blueprints. It’s not something you see explicitly on the outside, but it sets everything up for success. No part of the strategy should be used as an outward expression of the brand (taglines, slogans, and the like). This document is the guide for our creative process to follow, which is our next step.

Following our discovery phase, we've developed this messaging strategy for the GLMC, which describes Greater Lafayette's primary audiences, as well as messaging (what to communicate) and personality traits (the right tone) for the Greater Lafayette region.

Simply put, the strategy document sets the foundation for the Greater Lafayette brand.


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